Forward Thinking Marketing: Empowering Your Teams in 2022

February 24, 2022

Data is the big focus this year. Oftentimes, marketers take advantage of the data at hand and overlook how it can impact all aspects of their business, from the way they market and sell to using it strategically to hit performance goals. This event will take you through sessions that will dive into various components of data and how you can leverage it to make an impact.

Empower your SDRs with the Right Data

8:00 AM PST
The type of data that you have access to affects not only your marketing strategies but your commercial team’s efforts as well. Your SDR/BDR team is only as good as the data that is funneled through to them. Give your teams access to the right, clean data that they can act on quickly and effectively while having strategic conversations that lead to more opportunities and ultimately won deals.

Augment Your Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

9:00 AM PST
As a B2B marketers, having access to clean and accurate data allows for precise targeting and high-quality leads that minimize the time it takes to create new business. Clean data results in effective marketing, higher lead conversion, stronger prospect to customer relationships, and ultimately progress towards achieving ROI goals.