Partner Marketing Visionaries Summit

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Featured Talks

Keynote: Bringing the Partner Marketing Community Together

This session examines where the Partner community has been and where it is going with conversations between 30+ Partner Marketing executives from the most innovative technology companies around the globe.


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Keynote: The IT Decision-Maker’s Buyer’s Journey for Integrated Partner Solutions 

This session shares insights on the IT decision-maker’s journey to discovering, understanding, funding and implementing integrated solutions from strategic partners.


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Up next

  • Kristin Heisner, Scott Batchelor, Tricia Blade, Kirstan Ryan, and Lori Gabrieli

  • Julie Malloy (Intel), Raquel Okanla (Confluent), Claude Robinson III (Google Cloud) & Gretchen O'Hara (Splunk)

  • Michael Latchford (TechTarget), Mark Murphy (Cisco) & Samara Halterman (Pure Storage)

  • Joseph George (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Helen Kim (Red Hat), Brian Bakstran (Veeam) & Jeanette Geary (Sysdig)

  • Eric Pan (Oracle), Tyillere Hansen (Slack), Annie Martin (Microsoft) & Lena Wiegering (Dataminr)

  • Michael Latchford (TechTarget) & Doug Cahill (Enterprise Strategy Group)

  • Aimee Catalano (Google Cloud), Mishel Fletcher (Fortinet), Kimberly Payton (Infosys Finacle) & Xander Uyleman (MongoDB)

  • Liz Fuller (Zones), Jamie Mendez (Pega), Loraine Wong (Red Hat) & Heather Deggans (Microsoft)

  • Susanna Parry-Hoey (SoftwareOne), May Mitchell (Ontinue) & Michelle Chiantera (Alludo)

  • Robin Wolf (NVIDIA), Patty Grow (Amazon Web Services), Tyler Briggs (Box), Joseph George (HPE) & John Manos (Virtusa)


  • Image for Lena Wiegering

    Lena Wiegering

    Sr. Director of Global Partner Marketing


  • Image for <strong>Lori Gabrieli</strong>

    Lori Gabrieli

    VP of Marketing


  • Image for Kirstan Ryan

    Kirstan Ryan

    Director of GTM

    Dell Technologies

  • Image for Heather Deggans

    Heather Deggans

    COO & VP of GTM Strategy, Global Partner Solutions


  • Image for Joseph George

    Joseph George

    Global Vice President of Alliances, Industry & Product Marketing

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

  • Image for Eric Pan

    Eric Pan

    Head of Global Partner + Alliance Marketing


  • Image for Brian Bakstran

    Brian Bakstran

    SVP Global Partner Marketing & Americas Pipeline Creation


  • Image for Kristin Heisner

    Kristin Heisner

    Head of Global Partner Marketing


  • Image for Gretchen O’Hara

    Gretchen O’Hara

    Vice President, Worldwide Partners and Alliances


  • Image for Aimee Catalano

    Aimee Catalano

    Google Marketing Executive

    Google Cloud

  • Image for Michael Latchford

    Michael Latchford

    VP Strategic Alliances and Partner Marketing Services


  • Image for Xander Uyleman

    Xander Uyleman

    Sr. Director of Global Partner Marketing


  • Image for Claude Robinson III

    Claude Robinson III

    Head of Data + Analytics Partner Marketing

    Google Cloud

  • Image for Robin Wolf

    Robin Wolf

    Senior Director of Enterprise Partner Marketing


  • Image for Annie Martin

    Annie Martin

    Director of ISV Marketing


  • Image for Loraine Wong

    Loraine Wong

    Director of Global Partner Marketing

    Red Hat

  • Image for Jamie Mendez

    Jamie Mendez

    Vice President, Ecosystem Transformation & Programs


  • Image for Michelle Chiantera

    Michelle Chiantera

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Image for John Manos

    John Manos

    Global VP of Partner Marketing


  • Image for Tyler Briggs

    Tyler Briggs

    Senior Director of Partner Marketing


  • Image for Patty Grow

    Patty Grow

    Head of Partner Marketing

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Image for Kimberly Payton

    Kimberly Payton

    Global Vice President/Head of Alliances & Ecosystem Partners

    Infosys Finacle

  • Image for Liz Fuller

    Liz Fuller

    Vice President & General Manager, Marketing


  • Image for May Mitchell

    May Mitchell

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Ontinue, the MDR Division of Open Systems

  • Image for Mishel Fletcher

    Mishel Fletcher

    Head of Cloud Alliances


  • Image for Susanna Parry-Hoey

    Susanna Parry-Hoey

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Image for Tricia Blade

    Tricia Blade

    Director of Channel Marketing


  • Image for Tyillere Hansen

    Tyillere Hansen

    Director of Global Partner Marketing


  • Image for Samara Halterman

    Samara Halterman

    Global Head of Partner Marketing

    Pure Storage

  • Image for Raquel Okanla

    Raquel Okanla

    Director, Global Partner Marketing


  • Image for Mark Murphy

    Mark Murphy

    Director, Routes to Market, Global Partner Marketing


  • Image for Julie Malloy

    Julie Malloy

    Vice President Global Accounts Marketing


  • Image for Helen Kim

    Helen Kim

    Global VP, Partner Marketing

    Red Hat

  • Image for Jeanette Geary

    Jeanette Geary

    Director, Global Partner Marketing


  • Image for Scott Batchelor

    Scott Batchelor

    Sr. Director, Global Partner and Alliances Marketing


  • Image for Doug Cahill

    Doug Cahill

    SVP, Analyst Services and Practices Director



  • Alteryx

  • Dataminr

  • Enterprise Strategy Group

  • Pure Storage

  • Conga

  • Intel

  • Cisco

  • Confluent

  • Slack

  • Trellix

  • SoftwareOne

  • Fortinet

  • Open Systems

  • Zones

  • Infosys Finacle

  • Box

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Virtusa

  • Pega

  • Alludo

  • Red Hat


  • MongoDB

  • Dell Technologies

  • Splunk

  • Google Cloud

  • Commvault

  • Veeam

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Oracle

  • Microsoft

  • TechTarget

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11 Sessions

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