Intent: Competing with Better Data

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Keynote: Using Intent Data to Align to Today’s Tech Buyer Journey

This session explores how sellers and marketers can leverage intent data to improve go-to-market messaging, outreach and content campaigns for more effective buyer engagement.


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Keynote: Real Impact from Intent Data in 2023

This session examines use cases for ABM, sales development and customer marketing that will help teams minimize waste and maximize impact as they collaborate towards shared revenue goals.


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Up next

  • Annie Matthews, TechTarget; Tamye Oshman, Xcitium; Nicole Kimmick, Alation

  • Adam Lewis, Co-Founder & Solutions Architect, BBD Boom & Colin Mitchell, VP Priority Engine, EMEA Growth Accounts, TechTarget

  • Robin Izsak-Tseng, VP of Revenue Marketing at G2 and John Steinert, CMO at TechTarget

  • Renee Tily, Olivia Dassler and Brian Dowling of TechTarget

  • Malachi Threadgill, Principal Analyst, Forrester

  • Kristin Prosowski, Vice President of Demand & Integrated Solutions and John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget

  • Jon Brown, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group and Katie Graybeal, VP, Market Insights, TechTarget

  • Jules Gsell, RVP, Databricks, Chris Kovalcik, Head of Strategic Sales, Airtable and Bill Henry, SVP, TechTarget

  • Jon Panker, Managing Director, APAC, TechTarget & Greg Wood, Sr. Director Marketing Asia Pacific and EMEA, SAS


  • Image for Nicole Kimmick

    Nicole Kimmick

    Director, Account Based Marketing


  • Image for Tamye Oshman

    Tamye Oshman

    Vice President, Channel Marketing


  • Image for Annie Matthews

    Annie Matthews

    SVP of Sales


  • Image for Robin Izsak-Tseng

    Robin Izsak-Tseng

    VP of Revenue Marketing


  • Image for Greg Wood

    Greg Wood

    Sr. Director Marketing Asia Pacific and EMEA


  • Image for Kristin Prosowski

    Kristin Prosowski

    Senior Director, Product Management


  • Image for Malachai Threadgill

    Malachai Threadgill

    Principal Analyst


  • Image for Brian Dowling

    Brian Dowling

    Senior Vice President, Inside Sales


  • Image for Renee Tily

    Renee Tily

    VP, Sales Enablement


  • Image for Bill Henry

    Bill Henry

    SVP, Global Acquisition Sales


  • Image for Jules Gsell

    Jules Gsell

    RVP, Growth and Startups Sales


  • Image for Chris Kovalcik

    Chris Kovalcik

    Head of Strategic Sales | New Business


  • Image for <em>Colin Mitchell</em>

    Colin Mitchell

    VP Priority Engine, EMEA Growth Accounts


  • Image for <em>Adam Lewis</em>

    Adam Lewis

    Co-Founder and Solutions Architect

    BBD Boom

  • Image for Jon Panker

    Jon Panker

    Managing Director, APAC


  • Image for Katie Graybeal

    Katie Graybeal

    VP, Market Insights


  • Image for Jon Brown

    Jon Brown

    Senior Analyst

    Enterprise Strategy Group

  • Image for Olivia Dassler

    Olivia Dassler

    Director of Marketing Programs



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