Intent: Competing with Better Data

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  • Feb 16 2023, 45 mins

    Annie Matthews, TechTarget; Tamye Oshman, Xcitium; Nicole Kimmick, Alation

  • Feb 16 2023, 60 mins

    Adam Lewis, Co-Founder & Solutions Architect, BBD Boom & Colin Mitchell, VP Priority Engine, EMEA Growth Accounts, TechTarget

  • Feb 16 2023, 60 mins

    Robin Izsak-Tseng, VP of Revenue Marketing at G2 and John Steinert, CMO at TechTarget

  • Feb 16 2023, 60 mins

    Renee Tily, Olivia Dassler and Brian Dowling of TechTarget

  • Feb 16 2023, 60 mins

    Malachi Threadgill, Principal Analyst, Forrester

  • Feb 16 2023, 60 mins

    Kristin Prosowski, Vice President of Demand & Integrated Solutions and John Steinert, CMO, TechTarget

  • Feb 16 2023, 60 mins

    Jon Brown, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group and Katie Graybeal, VP, Market Insights, TechTarget

  • Feb 16 2023, 60 mins

    Jules Gsell, RVP, Databricks, Chris Kovalcik, Head of Strategic Sales, Airtable and Bill Henry, SVP, TechTarget

  • Feb 17 2023, 60 mins

    Jon Panker, Managing Director, APAC, TechTarget & Greg Wood, Sr. Director Marketing Asia Pacific and EMEA, SAS


  • Image for Nicole Kimmick

    Nicole Kimmick

    Director, Account Based Marketing


  • Image for Tamye Oshman

    Tamye Oshman

    Vice President, Channel Marketing


  • Image for Annie Matthews

    Annie Matthews

    SVP of Sales


  • Image for Robin Izsak-Tseng

    Robin Izsak-Tseng

    VP of Revenue Marketing


  • Image for Greg Wood

    Greg Wood

    Sr. Director Marketing Asia Pacific and EMEA


  • Image for Kristin Prosowski

    Kristin Prosowski

    Senior Director, Product Management


  • Image for Malachai Threadgill

    Malachai Threadgill

    Principal Analyst


  • Image for Brian Dowling

    Brian Dowling

    Senior Vice President, Inside Sales


  • Image for Renee Tily

    Renee Tily

    VP, Sales Enablement


  • Image for Bill Henry

    Bill Henry

    SVP, Global Acquisition Sales


  • Image for Jules Gsell

    Jules Gsell

    RVP, Growth and Startups Sales


  • Image for Chris Kovalcik

    Chris Kovalcik

    Head of Strategic Sales | New Business


  • Image for <em>Colin Mitchell</em>

    Colin Mitchell

    VP Priority Engine, EMEA Growth Accounts


  • Image for <em>Adam Lewis</em>

    Adam Lewis

    Co-Founder and Solutions Architect

    BBD Boom

  • Image for Jon Panker

    Jon Panker

    Managing Director, APAC


  • Image for Katie Graybeal

    Katie Graybeal

    VP of Product Innovation, Research and Insights


  • Image for Jon Brown

    Jon Brown

    Senior Analyst

    Enterprise Strategy Group

  • Image for Olivia Dassler

    Olivia Dassler

    Senior Director of Marketing Programs



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